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HEED India is a voluntary, non-profit, charitable organization working for the welfare and development of disabled ( differently -abled ) people who are from very poor background. We, at HEED India, provide them with free food, shelter, basic health care and employment opportunities..

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கங்காரு கருணை இல்லம்

கங்காரு கருணை இல்லம் பராமரிப்பு நபர்கள் :58

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கங்காரு காக்கும் கரங்கள்

கங்காரு காக்கும் கரங்கள் பராமரிப்பு நபர்கள் :47

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Nursing programme

In this programme, we select poor Dalit girls from villages who have failed in 10th and 12th standard and we adopt them and sponsor their education. They study Certificate Nursing course. After the completion of their study ,we get them employment at Houses in Trichy where Home Nurse is needed and thus we liberate them from the cycle of Poverty. Their economic independence is thus assured and, so far, 34 such girls have been educated and got employment.

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Death with dignity

Through this programme we rescue orphaned, abandoned people dying on the roadside. They are all deserted by their family and are diseased. We admit them in General Hospital for treatment with the assistance of a ward (A Home Nurse from our institute). After the treatment, we bring them to Our Home for the orphaned and nurse them with free food and medicine and we offer counselling too. The aim of this programme is that none should die without basic care and love. We want to give them Dignified Farewells by taking care of them carefully during their final days. We also cremate or bury them based on their faith - Religion. We have, so far, helped 35 such orphaned people die with honour and respect. This year, we are planning to help 200 of such people.

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Sponsoring the education of Visually Challenged

We select deserving blind students and provide them with Computer System -with JAWS software. This software is a Screen Reader and reads the Lessons for them as a Teacher. We help them complete their education. Hitherto, accounts and auditing subjects were not taught to them, but now,, a visually challenged student has successfully finished Accountancy and Auditing course. And it is a breakthrough. We have helped 15 students receive education of their choice and 5 out of them have joined in Govt. Schools as Music teacher, Tamil Teacher and English Teacher which is indeed a fabulous achievement.

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Employment for Physically Challenged

We assist the Physically challenged who have successfully completed degree programmes to get into jobs in corporate and other private outlets. We give them Interview skills and Personality Development Training.

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Destitute Children Home

In this programme, we select semi orphaned children or single parented children from slums and villages. We identify and give them complete health care, education and thus pave way for their future. There are 26 of such Children in our Home. Thus, they are all rescued from Step motherly Treatment. This programme gives them hope and courage to face their life confidently. Our Home children made a Collective prayer to show their respect to the School Children who were killed in the Fire Mishap at Kumbakonam and Srirnagm.


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Aim and Objectives

To work for the welfare and development of the people, those who are economically down trodden and socially segregated section of the community.

Social Service

To be a charitable voluntary social organization to involve in development activities

To Promote Community health to benefit the weaker sections of the whole populations.

To protect the environment and natural systems of agricultural field for people livelihood.

To restore their lost human rights and obtain the Government Schemes, involving relief and rehabilitation activities for natural calamities.

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Major Activities

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120 நபர்களுக்கு உணவு ,உடை ,பராமரிப்பு,கல்வி,மருத்துவம் என அனைத்தும் சேர்த்து செலவிடப்படும் தொகை
RS 26,600 /- Per Day.



To establish, maintain, run, improve and develop Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Centers, Clinics, Care centers etc., and conduct medical camps, so as to extend the medical services to the poor and needy.


To establish, maintain, run, improve, develop educational institutions such as schools, colleges, Technical institutions including Medical Colleges, Para Medical Colleges also including Siddha Yoga.


Women and child welfare: a. To implement programmes to raise the literacy status of women and educate the women on nutrition. They are all deserted by their family and are diseased. hygiene and communicable.


To engage in tree planting projects and related activities in the conservation of nature Forestation, Coastal, Hills, River and lake etc., b. To develop/highlight indigenous products/process.

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